Thanksgiving from our founder's perspective

Thanksgiving to me is a time to really reflect upon what you have, what you get to do and put into words what you love.  For me this I take very personally.  I know that this does get the best of me at times, but you want to do so much for whom you work with.

2013 honestly has been a great year, but it has also been one of the most trying years that I have ever had in this profession.  Deals have come together for the athletes I work for about how I expected that they would which ultimately helps each person's bottom line at the same time, one of the most disappointing things happened to me by being dismissed by a client that had been with me for about 3 years.  

When you are terminated you have to reflect on that situation personally to try and dissect how something went wrong, what you could have done differently and while you may have been let go, see if the strategy that you put into the athlete ultimately works.  In this particular athlete's case, it certainly did.  Others might want to take credit for it after the fact, but that doesn't diminish what you have done.

Our journey with each athlete as we begin to get to know them becomes a part of what we live every day.  The highs, the lows, the wins, the losses, the injuries.  At the same time, we learn about them and what they are doing to try and be the best in the world.

That's what we are thankful for, to be a part of that journey and support them.