Why does one travel? 

Normally, it would be to visit new places or for work.  In my case, it's always a lot of both. 

From January 2013 to today August 25 here is where I have been.  I would say that for the most part almost all of this has something to do with one of the young men or women that I work for.  Here is how that looks: 

Washington DC / Baltimore - Redskins & UnderArmour

Las Vegas - CES

Zurich / St Moritz - FIBT Bobsled World Championships

NYC - Sponsorship meetings

Ottawa - IIHF Women's World Hockey Championships

NYC - Sponsorship meeting

Las Vegas - Sportsnet Magazine Beauty of Sport shoot

Toronto - CDN Olympic Committee Agent/Partner Summit

Vancouver - CDN Olympic Committee Media Summit

Toronto - Canada Soccer vs USA / Photo shoot

Chicago - Stanley Cup Final (Boston v Chicago game 5) 

NYC - 3 photo shoots / meetings

Park City - US Ski Team Partner Summit

Chicago - Sponsor content capture shoot

Santa Maria - Water Polo camp

NYC / CT / Brooklyn - Sponsor content capture shoot / sponsorship meeting

Seattle - NWSL Women's Soccer  

Boston/NH - Sponsor content capture shoot / Team meeting

Minneapolis - Client wedding


That is the past, the future is going to include

Kelowna - Client sponsorship event

Park City - USOC Media Summit

NYC - Commercial / Corporate Activation / USOC 100 Days to Sochi

USA v Canada women's hockey

additional corporate sponsorship events


In all, it equates to a lot of time spent on the road with our clients.  Why do it, in many instances it is when your on the road you meet new people and expand beyond what we normally do.  Is it hard?  It can be, but you try and minimize it as much as you can. 

Do you have to go?


At the same time, you have to work hard for the people you are trying to serve. 

Does it eat into profits? 

Yes.  At the same time, without your clients there are no profits in the first place.  You have to balance certainly. 

Any side benefits?

Well, if you do it right you try and get familiar with a place so if you come back in a more casual time you are used to the place and can make more of your trip.  I know a lot of the times I try and rent a car (when you don't lose your drivers license at TSA in Boston) and try and sightsee a little bit. 

That's all for today.