Up, up and away for USA Field Hockey @PaigeSelenski

As the country's attention is primarily on College Football and MLB playoffs tonight where do athletes who are trying to make the 2016 Summer Olympics compete?

In the case of the U.S. National Field Hockey team they are flying from their home base outside of Philadelphia to New Zealand via LAX.

LAX view towards Tom Bradley International Airport 

LAX view towards Tom Bradley International Airport 


Thats a 13 + hours from Los Angeles on top of the 5 hours to LA. This is the type of stuff that the casual fan of the Olympic Games doesnt necessarily get.  Our athletes are flying globally to play against the best. 


This year, the U.S. Women finished 4th at the World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands and had a previous competition in Scotland. Obviously, they have logged a lot of miles.  


But, if you have the dream this is what you have to do.    At the same time, it may afford you the opportunity to see places around the globe that you might never see as well. 


These athletes representing the U.S. are proudly wearing the colors and everyone that faces them always wants to knock off the red, white and blue.  All you can do is try your best and play to the best of your abilities.  


Be be safe and have a great trip Paige.