No Rest For The Weary - Tessa Bonhomme / Caitlin Cahow

To say that I work for some really unique women is an understatement but for this blog, I want to single out two of them, one from Canada and the other from the United States.  

The first is a young lady that is constantly on the move and this past week certainly highlighted what I mean, but while this week might seem busy, this is a microcosm of what I have seen her do on many, many occasions over the past 3 years since she was on a reality show called Battle of the Blades.  Her name is Tessa Bonhomme and here is a small look at the week of March 17 - 24, 2014:

Monday - work at Maple Leafs TV / GOL TV Canada with an emphasis on Toronto FC (MLS)

Tuesday - work at Leafs TV / GOL TV Canada, head to Markham, ON for the CWHL Awards Banquet

Wednesday - play CWHL Clarkson Cup opening game, following game go to Toronto for Maple Leafs home game, Gate 5 show and post-game (Tampa Bay)

Thursday - work at Leafs TV; head to Markham for CWHL Clarkson Cup game

Friday - work at Leafs TV on their practice television show; head to Markham for CWHL Clarkson Cup game

Saturday - play CWHL Clarkson Cup Championship game, after clinching championship in OT and doing her player media obligations, head back to Toronto for Leafs TV Gate 5 show and post-game (Montreal), catch up with teammates and head to bed at 1 am

Sunday - fly to Ottawa in the morning for Scotiabank Girls HockeyFest at the Canadian Tire Centre (home of the Ottawa Senators) for an all-day sponsor commitment and then fly back to Toronto.

Monday - this morning, be right back at Leafs TV for their practice television show at the MasterCard Centre preparing for the Leafs next home game on Tuesday night vs St Louis


Another young lady that I work for is Caitlin Cahow, who is retired as a hockey player and is a 3rd year law student at Boston College.  In CC's case, her life changed dramatically on December 21, 2013 after being vetted for probably her life changing moment that will have a profound effect on her next 5 - 10 years.  On this date, the White House named her as a member of the Presidential Delegation to the Winter Olympic Games.

Since then, her trip to the Olympics and after Sochi, CC has been inundated with media requests on top of her full class load, speaking engagements and as a member of the CWHL Board of Directors her capacity to juggle has been one to behold.

In her case, this past week included:

  • A trip to Washington DC for a speech at the Human Rights Campaign
  • Lunch at the White House and a possible new role in the future (I don't know what it is so please do not ask me and don't ask her either please)
  • Her full class load to study for
  • A speaking engagement at the NCAA Frozen Four at Quinnipiac College and a round trip drive from Boston to Hartford the same night
  • A CWHL policy matter (she had to deal with as the only US board of director member) that affected one of my clients and much drama between the Boston member club and the League
  • A drive from Boston to Toronto / Markham for the CWHL Championship Game
  • And now back to reality with her full class load in Boston as well as another speaking engagement this week


Both ladies are driven to succeed just as they were on the ice for Hockey Canada and USA Hockey and their is no doubt in my mind that both of them will be the next generation of leaders that hold a high place in both nations over the next 2 decades.  I can only hope that people listen to them, they have great ideas and outside of sports they were both are a product of a great piece of legislation in the United States called Title IX that I can honestly say has had a tremendous effect on North American society.  Via Title IX, many female athletes have been given the opportunity to play collegiate sports, earn a college degree and pick up skills via competition that has translated off the field of play and into the board rooms.  


The drive and passion that both Tessa and Caitlin have may have been fostered in their collegiate experiences at The Ohio State University and Harvard University respectively, but I can tell you this their not weary, their just getting started.