Do you know what Olympic Hopefuls are doing this Canada Day/4th of July Week

With the upcoming coverage of the Winter Olympics about to step up and from the familiar faces of 2010, to the new ones that are hopeful to make 2014 we are at a juncture because of the calendar that makes one think.  What are these kids doing to celebrate very relevant days that are a celebration of the independence of Canada and the United States. 

I know that most Olympic Hopefuls around North America are not going to be celebrating the way that are of their countrymen will be. 

These athletes know that in under 222 days is the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Games and that if they want to celebrate, they can do it after. 

222 days separates them from their hopeful moment of walking into the Olympic Stadium in the Adler region of Sochi wearing the Maple Leaf or the Stars & Stripes across their chest. 

There is a lot to be done between now and then.  Having a cold one, might be the way that everyone else will be celebrating their freedom and liberty, but for most Olympic Hopefuls, it is another day at the office, a time to get to the gym, to get on to the field of play (if that is possible) or possibly rehabbing from an injury in the previous season so that they can peak in time for Olympic trials or to best their internal competition to be selected to play on a team. 

Think about that this holiday week.  These kids are doing all in their power to be the best that they can be, to represent you from Canada or the United States. 

For the rest of you out there.  Have a tremendous Canada Day or Independence Day, July 1st and July 4th respectively.