Where is your favorite Olympic Hopeful right now?

This is an interesting question.  If your in aquatics sports, your in Barcelona at FINA World Championships, if your in many other summer sports you are in the midst of your domestic or international season. 

BUT, the Summer Games just happened last summer in London.  Those kids that want to continue on to Rio, have no time to take off, they are right back at it, but your not probably aware of that if your a casual Olympic watcher. 

The Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 is less then 200 days away and those kids that want to reach it are in the midst of training every day.  At the same time, outside of training THIS IS THE TIME OF PEAK EARNING POTENTIAL FOR OLYMPIC HOPEFULS.  I know I didn't need to emphasis that as much as I did, but going into an Olympic Games, honestly, you have 9 months going in to sign deals, but once they are signed then you need to fulfill those companies needs with creative content being filmed, shot or activated.  This is right in the midst of training.  

TRUST ME, it is an interesting balance.  Some athletes have more flexibility then others.  I can tell you though for my clients that I need to at least build in a 90 minute period before we shoot anything for anyone because we need to get the training in.   This can add extra costs to the advertiser, but we always try and keep what the ultimate goal in here is and that is for the Olympic Hopeful, to make the Olympic Games and you have to do that by staying up with the training that has been prescribed by your coach and training staff.  

From the agent perspective, you want to close deals for your athletes, but you also have to really listen to them as well because we have to get the training in and if we need to ask the NGB (National Governing Body in the US) / NSO (National Sport Organization in Canada) for a day off to try and fulfill it is something that we do, but we have to appreciate what work they have going on as well. 

Another thing to ponder is this.  These commercial opportunities rarely ever come to you, you have to get on a plane or a train, but sometimes a drive to NY, TOR, CHI, LA, BOS, etc and as part of your commitment to them that might mean a night out of your own bed.  Everything matters at this time of year and you try and minimize or centralize these choices the best that you can.  At the same time, the Athlete and the Brand have signed a lengthy contract to get something done. 

Where are my Winter O.H.'s right now? 

Lake Placid, NY

Park City, UT

Montreal, QC

St Cloud, MN

Chicago, IL

Kelowna, BC

Toronto, ON

I know where they are all in general and I am lucky to have that responsibility, but understanding their live and their responsibility to their sport is ultimately something that goes into this at the same time.